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Rabu, 24 Maret 2010

Dating in China for Travellers Tips

China is the biggest country in the world, and many travellers are supposing to make a living there. Some are working in China, some are only travelling. And how about if we try to find a chinese girls while we are travelling ?

Find a Chinese girl for foreigners is not as hard as others thinks. The problem usually is foreigners usually western, treat Chinese girl as a western girl. They are totally disappointed by the conservative Chinese girl.

Here is one American travelling and working in China, and asking for tips on how to meet women in China.

Question :

As a American, I'm just curious. I will be living in Shanghai for 5 months, and hell! if i can meet a special lady, awesome!

Any tips on how/where to meet women in china? How is dating them different from women of other cultures?


Answer :

Shanghai is an international city so it will be a lot different than the rest of china, with the excpetion of beijing and a few other major cities.

In other words, you should have no problem finding a girl, compared to, say, the countryside in Hebei. Just be weary of those after a free ticket to the west, or your wallet. They exist and in pretty high numbers. Of course, these girls are all over the world too, of course. Plus, there are a high number of well meaning sweet girls too. Most Chinese girls simply prefer Chinese men because of major culture and language difference and parental pressure, even if the foreigner is very well educated and more handsome. Chinese girls come off as "shy" but I really think it is an act, as they are quite curious, about certian issues. The curiousity deep within is actually very easy to see despite the "conservative" outer shell. The "cute" thing some girls do too, can sometimes just be an act. It seems Chinese boys value "cute" more than almost anything else. They also like pure girls and virgins which is an incredibly lame double standard, considering what some guys do (and guy friends have told me over beer).

Just go to english corners at various universities. Picking up a few numbers each session is a snap and many girls will simply offer numbers without you asking. you can try clubs, but those are maybe more ...uh, temporary and nothing meaningful.

Just be yourself. Chinese women like a humourous man, but not too funny, or you might just be seen as a clown. But the same can be said for any country.

If you pick up a Chinese girl, there will be some difficulty. There are far more men than women, so you will sense some jealousy coming from some ignorant people. (try getting a taxi as a western man with a beautiful chinese girl). Older people will stare too and even despise.

There also seems to be a stigma surrounding western men with chinese gfs. The stigma being that these men could not get gfs in the west so they came to China/asia. There is even a western male in my city who outright despises any western man with a chinese gf, without any other knowledge about the people involved. Quite lame indeed.

Lame, because I have had quite a few lovely gfs in the west (including an amazing 3.5 year relation) so that stigma would never apply to me, and likely, most western males with chinese gfs. In fact, I have no problems in the west. But that is besides the point, because I am not too interested in a Chinese gf now. But I will not let the stigma get to me if I choose a gf here, and neither should you.

Anyways, consider the culture differences too. Are you really ready for a Chinese gf? Really? For me, I am just too open minded I really do think. You'll also miss that mental stimulation because of language barrier and not being able to express views deeply while still being understood. Plus I say whatever the hell is on my mind, which is basically the opposite of this culture, which holds so much in (especially anger (in public). Both ways are not right or wrong of course, but they are indeed black/white. So mentally, most Chinese girls don't want to touch me with a ten foot poll, because I'll just say it if I feel it. I'm not even talking about intelligence at all either, but, I just go against the flow..

Senin, 07 Desember 2009

Why Chinese girl difficult to seduce

chinese girl seduce

Why Beautifull Chinese Girls difficult to seduce

Chinese people are still holding their strong culture, impacts of their close policy in era President Mao Ze Dong. Chinese girl is not a girl who can speak openly about free dating, sex or seducing. Chinese girls are looks like to be shy if they are asked about it.

I tried so many times to ask out Asian girls, usually a Chinese Girl, but they always politely refused.
They usually say ” sorry, I already have a boyfriend”, or ” I’m too busy ” or ” I don’t have cell phone”,etc…

But sometimes I can see in the streets some common guys ( and most of them are not hansome at all ) who have an Asian beautiful girl-friend , so I just can’t understand how they could manage to find single girls.
And even if the girl is single, she may also refuse if I’m not her type ( I’m half turkish half spanish). So it’s such a non-sense seeing so beautiful Asian girls who accept to go out with some ugly guys ( white,black or whatever ), and they keep refusing me.

What should I do and say if I want to seduce a Chinese Woman ?
Why is it so complicated ?

Because most Asians are not into the whole (what most American call) “dating”.they want COURTSHIP which is–lets get to know each other better before we call each other boyfriend/girlfriend or sleep together.and when i say better its not a couple of dates or two but longer,way loonger.try to think of em as old fashion.and o yea,and respect their family.if they have to choose between a lover or any member of their family(even a distant cousin) theyl ditch you in a second.

The key is give Chinese girl more time to know each other. They must know your background, who are you exactly, what is your job, your family's history, before she will give everything to you. Trust is a serious and priority thing for Asian Woman especially Chinese Girl.

Watch How to seduce and pick up a chinese girl tips and trick video here

Rabu, 04 November 2009

Dating with Indonesia Amoy Chinese

Dating a beautiful chinese indonesian girl? Yes, almost everyone is dreaming to marry a chinese girl, including A chinese who lives in Indonesia (Indonesia's Hua Qiao). But before dating or marry with them, we must understand somethings related to Indonesian Chinese.

Indonesian Chinese are spreading into many parts of Indonesia, but usually centralized in Jawa, North Sumatera (Medan), Aceh, Pekan Baru, Padang, Palembang, Lampung, Kalimantan Barat (Pontianak, Singkawang), Balik Papan, and some in Sulawesi and Papua.

Cokin is a name for Indonesian Chinese, said by pribumi (Huana). CinKo (Cina Kota) is Indonesian Chinese who is still having a traditional chinese style (Cina totok).

Amoy (or sometimes called amoi) is chinese girl who lives in Indonesia. I don't know why recently the word "Amoy / Amoi" is popular used to recognize chinese whore.

Actually, the translation of Amoy is Chinese Girl. We can call Medan's chinese Girl as Medan's Amoi, or Pontianak's Chinese Girl as Pontianak's Amoy.

Now, the defenition of Amoy has changed a lot to a negative side. Amoy is identic with Chinese Whore, or in Indonesian Language called cewek bispak (Bisa Pakai) or Cewek Bisyar (Bisa Bayar). what a pity for Amoy!

Some pictures of Indonesian Chinese Girl, or Amoy. Many of them are very beautiful, likes Hong Kong celebs. Unfortunately they lives in Indonesia.

Amoi Indonesia ChineseAmoi Indonesia Chinese

Amoi Indonesia ChineseAmoi Indonesia Chinese

Amoi Indonesia ChineseAmoi Indonesia Chinese

Amoi Indonesia ChineseAmoi Indonesia Chinese

Amoi Indonesia ChineseAmoi Indonesia Chinese

Amoi Indonesia ChineseAmoi Indonesia Chinese

Jumat, 02 Oktober 2009

Dating with Beijing Girl for foreigners

dating with beijing chinese girl

Beijing is the capital city of China, a large, social city but now is full of modern culture and style. A lot of foreigners and international visit Beijing daily, especially visiting Great wall, Tian An Men, The Forbidden City, and The Temple of Heaven.

But for foreigners who want to know more about Beijing people especially local girls, there are some difficulties including how to talk and the culture of chinese girl.

As foreigners in Beijing, it is quite easy for us to meet and have relationships with girls. Eventually, most of these relationships will turn sexual. So on average, how many dates does it take before your girl is willing to take the 'leap of faith' into bed with you?

Of course, much of this depends on your looks, age, nationality, and financial stability. Or in other words, what girls here refer to as your 'tiao jian'(条件).

Dating with Beijing Girl Tips and Tricks

Dating Girls Beijing Tips 1 - Ask yourself what kind of man your date (or victim) wants to be with on her first date.

Dating Girls Beijing Tips 2 - Simply, be that Man that she wants!

Let me give some examples to illustrate my point.

For example, just say that this Chinese date of yours likes a man that is educated and is relatively wealthy. What should you do?

Simply, on your date night, wear a nice business suit and make sure your hair is decent and slick. She will be proud to walk with a “successful man” like you. Anyway, it doesn’t cost much to have a nice suit tailor-made in Beijing.

For most Chinese girls, it will also be best to take her out to a Western restaurant for a candle-light dinner. I don’t know why but it seems to work. I guess most Chinese girls tend to watch Hollywood movies, where candle-light dinner is THE thing for a romantic night out. This is especially so when you are a Caucasian.

What if your date is a fun-loving, sexy and love Rock Music (reminds me of my wife)? Well, try to wear something cool and bright. These girls like you to be one-of-a-kind. Cool sells!

If that’s the case, boring clothes an hairstyles will only attract boring girls. So, what do you want?

For my first real date with my then-girlfriend-now-wife, I wore a pair of Levi’s jeans, a nice leather jacket over a T-shirt with the rock band, Led Zeppelin on it.

It did the trick!

At the end of our date, I took off my T-shirt in front of her and pass it to her as a present. She is a real fan of Led Zeppelin! And I wanted to show her my muscular pecs and abs too.

She was so shy but I knew she thought it was so COOL! Who wouldn’t?

Note: This is not for every guy out there unless you had my previously well-toned body. I would not do it now, especially with my enlarging love handles.

Another important thing – Chinese girls are very observant and would notice small things. So, please snip your nostril hairs and shave before a date. Most Chinese girls like clean-shaven men compared to Indian girls who love their men with moustaches. I guess it’s a cultural thing.

Chinese girls like men who look after themselves. If you look like a poor vagrant on the first date, it will probably be your last too.

In China, “face” value is very important. If you can enhance your date’s status by being with you, you are seen as a good catch.

Some general “Dating Girls Beijing Tips” for first date include:

- Don't put too much cologne unless you smell like a skunk!

- Always take a shower before going on a date.

- Don't have bad breath. Buy some chewing gum and put them in your pocket. You’ll never know when you need them. Especially when kissing on your first date.

WARNING: Do not kiss on your first date with a Chinese girl!

Kamis, 06 Agustus 2009

Batam Nagoya Indonesian Chinese Girl

Batam is one of Indonesia's famous island, and only 45 minutes from Singapore. Because of its strategic location with Singapore, Batam has so many Singaporean and expatriates living in Batam, just to enjoy the cheaper nightlife than in Singapore. Cheaper drinks, cheaper massage and lots of beautiful bar girls!

Batam has a lot of multi ethnic peoples. From the native Indonesian people, Western, until chinese. The chinese usually comes from outside Batam such as Medan, pekan Baru, Malaysia, or even Singapore. Chinese Girls from Batam are really special. There is no secret that many businessmen from Singapore come to Batam not only for relaxing, but also to date with Batam chinese girl. Even some of the singaporean take the chinese girl as their second wife (Istri Gelap).

The nightlife of Batam is extremely wonderful. The majority of the nightlife is consolidated in a few streets in the center of Nagoya with numerous pubs like The Last Pub, Classic's Pub, Lusy's Oar House Tavern, Red Cock Pub and Ice Bar. Most of the larger hotels have a disco or karaoke bar. The bar district is a self policed area. All the bars have their own bouncer who will kick you out of a bar if you are drunk, rude or obnoxious. The pubs and bars are opened until 1am or 2am on Friday and Saturday night. There is a nightclub in this district, called Steps that is opened later and has live music.

Many Chinese Girls come to Nagoya, some for working in the pubs, and some for offering their service plus plus such as Pijat Plus Plus (Massage), or some are call girl (Cewek Bispak). Prostitution is illegal in Indonesia and this includes Batam. Though, as we all know, this doesn't stop it from happening. Though not called prostitutes the preferred term is Bar Girl! The job within the pubs and bars for the bar girl in Batam is to keep the men drinking to increase the sales. They will come and sit with you and chat to you or play pool with you. As soon as your drink gets close to the bottom they will try to get you to have another drink. No responsible service of alcohol here!

You sometimes find Chinese girls though they are generally from Sumatra or Kalimantan. Most are un-married mothers who have left their home city to try to support their child. This district in Batam is far more discrete than the equivalent in Bangkok or other parts of Thailand. You may get the girlfriend experience you are looking for but as always 'buyer beware'.

Some of Batam Chinese girl photos and pictures. They are working in the bars:

batam chinese girl

batam chinese girl

batam chinese girl

Selasa, 14 Juli 2009

Beijing Girl Looking for Western Guys

beijing girl searching friends

A Beijing Chinese girl called Iris is looking for western guy, and make friends with them. She wants to learn western culture and exchange knownledge. This chinese girl also gives her facebook id, and email.

Everbody especially from western, want to know Iris more, please add her facebook or send email to her.

Iris Profile :

Name : Iris Zhao
Location : Beijing, China
Birth date : May 05 1987
Language : Mandarin, English

Here is the letter from Iris, as taken from

my name is Iris,I'm form Beijing, I want to learn more western culture
and make foreign friends,I think Facebook works very well.
If you want contact me, jion my facebook. or
looking for and waiting for
best wishes iris

Dating with Facebook Myspace girl

dating facebook girl

Facebook is a social networking community sites that is very popular nowadays. Many peoples around the world sign up on the facebook and make friends with the people they know or even they don't know. Therefore, the network amount is increasing every hour oh the site. And the good news, we can even find a girlfriend through facebook.

Today, millions of beautiful girls online are waiting for you. Just look around you: First, they are on dating websites or in online flirt communities. And here is what is even more exciting: You also literally find millions of single women on the social networks. Yes, literally millions. There are over 100 million girls on MySpace. And there are another 60 million girls on facebook, with the numbers growing each day by the ten thousands.

In the online dating world, MySpace and Facebook are as close as you can get to that. And yes, you can even find a girlfriend on Facebook, and you can find a girlfriend on MySpace as well.

But how do you approach beautiful girls on Facebook? And how do you approach attractive girls on MySpace?

Here is what most guys will think when they stumple upon a woman's profile: "She's so beautiful. She probably can get any man she wants. Why would she even want to talk to me?". And, truth be told, beautiful girls usually do have a long, impressive list of friends. And most of them get ten or twenty e-mails from strangers every day -- all of whom are trying to get to know her.

That is no surprise:

Talking to a girl online doesn't require the courage you might need to approach a woman on the street. It's safe, because you spare yourself from any embarassing situation if she rejects you. Nobody will see it. In fact, if she's not interested, she probably won't even reply at all.

And because it seems so easy, many guys will give it a shot. They figure they've got nothing to lose. And in the end, 95 percent of the messages in a woman's inbox will sound like "how are you doing?", "did you have a great weekend?" or "would you like to talk to me?".

To make a long story short, most pick up e-mails a girl receives are dead boring. And after a week on Facebook or MySpace, a cute girl will be accustomed to spot and delete such messages in an instant. For girls on Facebook, MySpace or datig sites it's just like you and I can spot and delete spam messages without even reading their content.

Here is the three simple tips and tricks to date a girl from Facebook :
1. Attention
What does attention mean? It means to stand out from the crowd. It means that you need to make her recognize that you are different. It does not mean, however, that you have to show that you are better than the other guys. Just that something about you is different. Getting her attention means to make her curious. At least curious enough to make her reply.

2. Connection
Connection means to show her that you and her have something in common. For instance, you might have the same taste in music. You might both have similar hobbies. And you might share a common sense of humor: If you can laugh together, she will enjoy talking to you. And in the end, that will lay the foundation for the third step:

3. Commitment
Commitment. That is the final stage of every flirt. At this point, she will decide that you are somebody she wants to stick around. Only now you will get her phone number, meet her in real life or get a date.

But you must emember Facebook isn't a sleazy pick up joint and you'll usually be interacting with someone who knows someone you know. While emailing and interacting with tonnes of women can increase your success rate at meeting someone there is a much easier way to have a better chance of meeting someone through Facebook.
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